Our Projects

We create technology solutions for startups, small and medium-sized businesses, and enterprises.


We are effectively identifying the potential leads,Scheduling the meetings and providing queries to the customer.

Marketing,Customer service support


Event management is the application of project management to the creation and development of large-scale events such as festivals, conferences,etc...

Event Promotion,Event Manager,Exhibitions


Get a hassle free trip booking experience & save money every time while making ticket bookings,

booking app,android,ios


Created with cutting edge technology, this free news app is lightest on your phone and heaviest on the news. First-in-category innovations that you simply have to experience are: Interactive Debate, L

news app,android,ios

Social Media

Salpy is a dating application to meet millions of singles near you and also a social platform for fun and entertainment.

quickly meet women and men in your area


Track your health, lose weight, eat healthy food with HealthifyMe: your calorie counter, macro & nutrition tracker.

health app,ios,android


Classroom education in India has stifled many brilliant minds.We are changing that.

education app,android,ios


The name itself depicts the app which manages you home. It connects everything in your home and you can control all of your favorite connected home devices.

IOT app,android,ios


AR/VR offers an exhilarating and interactive AR, VR, MR, VR Game and other fun activities that are all set to raise the excitement and adrenaline levels!

AR app,VR aapp,android,ios


Our main mission is to give desighner reference for material design implementation based on Design Guideline from google & golden ratio

UI app,UX app,android, ios


sports app is not only one of the best fitness apps around, its the original sports app. For over a decade.

Sports app,android,ios

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We offer full-stack iOS, Android, and web development services together with requirements analysis, quality assurance, and project management. We have all the expertise you need to produce a fully fledged, stable, and scalable product.